International customers and orders

We want to serve customers not only in Finland, but all over the world. KotiMai Design was established in April 2016 and we opened our webshop for Finnish customers on August 2016. We are keen to open our shop for European customers and in English as soon as possible, target is beginning of year 2017. We hope you can be patient to wait for that! Meanwhile we are happy to deliver orders to you, you can order via webshop and pay with Everyday or your credit card, please note that the delivery costs are higher for international orders and the delivery cost will be more than in the order. To cover the costs we need to charge you an extra fee for the delivery (approximately 8-15€ addition, depending on the location). Shipping will take 1-2 weeks.

Contact us if you need help and advice, you can also order by emailing: or contact us at Facebook (KotiMai Design).